The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium and EDUCATEAM
The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
20 000 artworks, spread over several sites
The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium are among the great federal scientific institutions of the country. Its prestigious collections consist of paintings and sculptures ranging from the 14th to the 21st century, including works by the Flemish Primitives, Bruegel, Rubens, Rodin, Ensor, Gauguin, Henry Moore, Delvaux, Magritte, Dali, Broodthaers, etc. With some 20 000 works of art, the Museums provide an overview of the art of our regions from the Middle Ages to today.
The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, the flagship of Belgian cultural institutions, include the Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Wiertz Museum, the Meunier Museum, and the brand new Magritte Museum.
Temporary exhibitions
The RMFAB also conduct a policy of temporary exhibitions on a regular basis. They in turn enhance the collections further.
The educational department of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
  • was created in June 2007 from the amalgamation of the French 'Service éducatif et culturel' with the Dutch 'Educatieve Dienst' of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. It consists of a booking cell, a team of guides and lecturers, and program coordinators.
  • provides access to the prestigious collections and temporary exhibitions of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in an educational, playful and creative manner. It ensures that 'culture becomes a right for everyone'.
  • organizes many activities adapted to the level, need and language of each visitor. All year round, young and old, individuals and families, school groups and youth organizations, from any culture and all horizons, can participate in guided tours, workshops, storytelling strolls (in sign language and French), talks or events.
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    Musée Magritte Museum (in French)
  • promotes continuous and increased cultural participation among vulnerable people. In the centre of Brussels and at the heart of modern Europe, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium must adapt to the multicultural nature and diversity of its audience. Under the name of Made to Measure, Educateam offers a series of educational programs to people who, for a variety of reasons, do not easily find their way to the arts and the museum; they may be living in poverty, socially excluded, homeless or in hostels, in literacy programs, homeless youth (Sesame), mentally handicapped and psychiatric patients (Comet), blind and visually impaired (Equinox), deaf and hearing impaired (Sign Language).
  • offers a wider approach to artistic education in the Museum and seeks
    • to stimulate the dialogue with the public and emphasize the interactive nature of its activities;
    • to ensure that the Museums become a place of participation and creativity. To do so, Educateam designed in close collaboration with Art Basics for Children, a multifunctional workshop consisting of several mobile modules offering a selection of books (in four languages), games, recordings, videos, CDs and educational packages;
    • to pass on knowledge about art while giving viewers the possibility to express their own personality;
    • to ensure that the Museum activities can be prepared or can continue at home, at school or elsewhere. To this end, Educateam has created some educational packages which can be used outside the Museums, and a website www.extra-edu.be offering a variety of educational tools, as well as interactive and creative games.
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Director General
Michel Draguet
Head of Public's Department
Isabelle Vanhoonacker
Head of Educateam
Myriam Dom
Educateam :
Kathleen Adriaensen, Murielle Alpen, Christine Ayoub, Géraldine Barbery, Emmanuelle Chantraine, Véronique Danneels, Françoise Dechamps, Vincent Delbushaye, Chloé Despax, Myriam Dom, Halima El Ouardi, Marie-Suzanne Gilleman, Anne de Grand Ry, Rachid Kadddouri, Marianne Knop, Rosemarie Michel, Serge Nuñez Tolin, Marleen Piryns, Anne Querinjean, Laurence Ryckaert, Michèle Rossignol, Julie Stouffs, Jean-Philippe Theyskens, Maddy Thienpont, Véronique Vandamme, Caroline Van Meerbeek.