Exhibition : 'GénérationsRené'
The Generations René project, undertaken jointly with the ‘asbl Entr’âges’ in 2012 and 2013, took the form of intergenerational meetings via object theatre with seniors from the ‘Homes des Ursulines’ in the Marolles. During the winter holidays with ‘Ateliers Populaires', and the April holidays with ‘asbl Caria’, intergenerational workshops were organized around the work of René Magritte and led by the comedian Babou Sanchez. The surrealistic short plays created by the children and seniors were photographed. Given the quality and the poetry of the stories they produced and of the photos taken by Claire Delfino, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium have decided to exhibit them in the Magritte Museum, the very place where they drew their inspiration.
The Sesame program from Educateam (Made to Measure Museum at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium) targets social and socio-cultural associations. Since 2011, the GDF Suez sponsorship allows Sesame to work on strong projects, over the course of an academic year, with the aim to open the Magritte Museum to the widest possible audience.

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