Kandinsky & Russia

Visits of groups and schools

Kandinsky & Russia is the perfect excursion for schools, groups, companies and associations. Groups of at least 15 persons not only benefit from reduced individual rates but are also offered other advantages. This original and exciting visit will allow you to discover, once in a playful, then again in a didactic manner, the rich universe of an extraordinary painter and of early 20th century Russia..



Visit this colourful, once playful, then again didactic exhibition together with your students. Through “Kandinsky & Russia” they will discover the roots of abstract art as well as the rich universe of an extraordinary painter and of early 20th century Russia.
Booking is obligatory! :

Guided tour (6-18 y): 1h30
€72,50/group of max.15 (W.E : €77,50) + €3,5 admission per pers.

Visit + Workshop (6>12 y): 2h
€77,50/group of max.15 (W.E : €82,50) + €3,5 admission per pers.

Groups  / adult groups

“Kandinsky & Russia” is the perfect excursion for groups, companies and associations.
Benefits for groups of at least 15 persons:
--› Reduced individual rate: …
--› You can suggest data and hours that best suit you

Booking is obligatory! : reservation@fine-arts-museum.be 

Guided tour for adults (<65y) : 1h30
€77,50/group of max. 15 (W.E : €92,5)
+ €10,75 admission per pers.
+ €9,75 admission per pers (only on friday).
Guided tour for students (<18y) en adults (<65y) : 1h30
€77,50/group of max. 15 (W.E : €92,5)
+€9,75admission per pers.
+ €8,75 admission per pers.(only on friday).
Creative workshops only in Fr and De (6>12y)
! No booking for this activity !
Every Sunday, at 14.30 h, Educateam organises free creative workshops for children accompanied by adult visitors of the exhibition.
Free for children (6 – 12 year) with a valid admission ticket.

. Groups: place Royale 3 Koningsplein – 1000 Brussels (‘Gresham’)
. Individual visitors / families: rue de la Régence 3 Regentschapsstraat - 1000 Brussels


Info : www.expo-kandinsky.be