My Gallery is an initiative of Educateam, the educational department of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.
It is aimed at young people from 16 to 21 years old and offers them the opportunity to express themselves creatively through photography.
Educational Department
Rue du Musée 9
1000 Brussels
Art. 1 - The photo gallery is opened to young people between 16 and 21 years old.
Art. 2 - The participant must be the author of the photograph he/she sends.
Art. 3 - Each participant may send up to one photograph per month, to be submitted between September and May.
Art. 4 - Only digital photographs are accepted.
Art. 5 - The photographs must be sent in jpeg format. It must not exceed 1 MB and must be registered under the heading "surname.name.age.jpeg"
Art. 6 - Like Magritte who left his photographs unchanged, we ask the participants not to edit their photographs with Photoshop or any other image editing software.
Art. 7 - Photographs must be related to the surreal world of Magritte, and have some artistic quality of which Educateam is the sole judge.
Art. 8 - The author authorizes Educateam to publish his/her photograph, surname, name and age on its website www.extra-edu.be
Art. 9 - Written permission must be sought from any person other than the author who is visible on the photograph. Educateam disclaims all liability thereabout and reserves the right to request such written authorization in case of dispute.
Art. 10 - No photograph will be returned to the author and no financial compensation can be claimed. On the other hand, Educateam agrees to use the photographs only for the communication and promotion of its educational activities, and not for commercial purposes.
Art. 11 - Participation to My Gallery implies accepting the existing regulations and completing all the required fields on the submission form. (See 'Send your photograph').
Art. 12 - Educateam reserves the right to refuse any photographs that do not meet the regulations criteria.
The following photographs will be rejected:
  • racist, xenophobic or anti-Semitic;
  • political, religious or pornographic;
  • inciting hatred, violence or exclusion;
  • violating the law.
Art. 13 - An automated reply will be sent by e-mail to the participant to acknowledge whether the photograph is accepted or not without any justification.
Art. 14 - Photographs will be selected once a month.
Art. 15 - Educateam has the right to remove photographs from the gallery according to the following criteria:
  • an excessive number of photographs in the gallery;
  • the discovery, even late, of non-compliance with the current regulations;
  • a dispute over a said photograph.
Modification of the regulations
Art. 16 - Educateam reserves the right at any time to cancel or postpone the publication of the photographs, or to modify one or several terms of the current regulations after notifying the user via the website www.extra-edu.be