Dada & Surrealism for beginners
Elsa and Peter Bethanis, Dada & Surrealism for beginners, Steerforth Press, 2007
A colourful and informative overview of the intense dada and surrealism movements, in a comic book form, making it more accessible.
• 128 pages
• Age: 12+
Little Cloud
Eric Carle, Little Cloud, Philomel, 1996
In Little Cloud, a deceptively simple book, beloved artist Eric Carle celebrates the possibilities of imagination with textured collages of sky-blue and white. It is a story that will delight and inspire the youngest child.
• 32 pages
• Age: 1-4
The little Magritte
Catherine de Duve, The little Magritte, Kate'Art Publishing, 2010
Discover the life and masterpieces of René Magritte. Unravel the mysteries of his enigmatic paintings. Become a poet, a muse or a musician. And like Magritte, create surprising images. What about a cloud bird, a bouquet of jingle bells, or an apple for a face?
• 32 pages
• Age: 6+
Magritte's Imagination
Susan Goldman Rubin, Magritte's Imagination, Chronicle books, 2009
Journey through a fantastical land where anything is possible. From trees with faces to men raining from the sky, René Magritte's delightful artwork is sur to ignite the imaginations of the very youngest readers
• 24 pages
• Age: 1-4
Qui est (who is) René Magritte?
Hélène Lecocq, Qui est (who is) René Magritte?, Alice Jeunesse, 2009
The answer is in his Work. Magritte often paints things that exist in reality, transporting them to a parallell universe where nothing is what is seems. Mystery reigns in all of his works.
• 24 pages
• Age: 5+
Now you see it, now you don't (Adventures in Art)
Angela Wenzel: Now you see it, now you don't (Adventures in Art), Prestel Publishing, 1998
Large full-color reproductions allow readers to examine the mysterious works, while the inclusion of a short biography and several black-and-white photographs of Magritte, his family and his home offer a sense of the artist separate from his work.
• 30 pages
• Age: 8-11